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Exporting your wallet from Sling
Exporting your wallet from Sling

This process can carry risks, including the potential loss of funds & the possibility of losing access to Slings on & off-ramps & directory.

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Your Sling wallet is a self-custody wallet, and it is possible to export the keys from Sling and import them into another product. Sling is built on the Solana blockchain. It’s important to know that not all key formats are compatible across all Solana wallets, therefore we suggest an alternative wallet like Phantom.

Anyone who has your private key can access all of the money in your Sling Wallet. You should never share your private key with anyone. Sling will never ask for your private key. If someone claims to be from Sling and is asking for your private key you should immediately cease communication with them.

To export your key you can visit Settings -> More -> Private Key in the Sling app. You will be asked to confirm that you understand the dangers of exporting your private key.

If you do not see the option to access your Private Key in your app please contact us via in-app chat.

Users who perform third-party transactions with their Sling self-custodial wallet in third-party wallet software will lose access to all Sling on & off-ramps and may be delisted from the Sling directory.

Once you have gone through the Private Key export flow in the Sling app and copied your private key to your clipboard you can open your other Solana wallet app and enter your private key in that product. Once you have imported your private key into another wallet app you can use that wallet application to manage your money.

Please note that at this time Sling policy states that if you perform third-party transactions using third-party software you may lose access to all Sling on and off-ramps.

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