Solana Congestion
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At Sling we use the Solana blockchain, which is a public blockchain that utilizes public-key cryptography and distributed computing to help make various types of transactions -- including financial transactions -- fast, inexpensive, and accessible to people around the world.

Solana, is known for its speed and scalability, however, Solana has experienced outages and network congestion issues in the past.

If Solana goes down or faces significant congestion, it can have the following impact on Sling and your activity:

  • Delayed Transactions: Transactions on the Solana network may take longer than usual to process and confirm.

  • Failed Transactions: A high percentage of transactions could fail due to network congestion.

  • Temporary Service Disruptions: Access to Solana-based wallets, decentralized applications, and other services may be temporarily disrupted or unavailable during outages.

Why does Solana have congestion?

As Solana has become more popular and widely used, it’s facing growing pains occasionally.

How will you know if there is a congestion or outage?

Sling monitors the Solana Network and will provide you with an in-app notification if we detect a delay in transactions or disruptions to the Solana network. You can also check out the Solana Status page here.

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