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How do the exchange rates work?
How do the exchange rates work?
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All exchange rates are set in real-time at the time of transaction. Exchange rates can fluctuate from moment to moment. We use the real market rate as provided by and do not apply a markup or spread.

All transactions with Sling are transferred in digital currency.

Sending a transaction

We show you the price of the fiat currency you will exchange for digital currency (USDC) before you fully initiate your transfer.

As exchange rates fluctuate, the price we provide will only be valid for a limited time.

If the rate we provided expires, you will not be able to complete your transaction at that price and we will tell you to retry and advise the updated price.

You can see fiat currency and digital currency prices in the transaction history in-App.

Here is an example

You exchange one fiat currency to digital currency - USDC using the exchange rate between those two currencies.

USDC is pegged against the US dollar.

Therefore, an exchange rate of 1 US dollar to 2 Euros means with Sling your exchange 1USDC = 2 EUR and 2 EUR = 1USDC.
โ€‹Claiming a Sling Link

We intend to honor the face value of a Sling Link, when the following criteria is met;

  • The currency is in GBP ( British Pound Sterling) or Euro

  • Sling Link is claimed in the same currency it was created in.

Any fluctuations in the exchange rates will be consumed by Sling, subject to fair usage limits. Sling will monitor the Sling Link activity and reserves the right to make changes to this term for individual Sling Links, or for all Sling Links, at its sole discretion, as it deems appropriate.

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